Tesi di Specializzazione/Perfezionamento di Matteo Trinchero

Anno: 2009-10
Università: Università degli Studi di Torino
Relatore: Daniele Ciravegna

1990-2010 Il percorso della Svezia attraverso le due crisi economico-finanziarie

The present world wide financial crisis has focused interest on the experience of how financial crisis were managed in the past. In my thesis I choose the Swedish experience because its bank resolution policy is commonly regarded as successful so that it is named the "Swedish model". In the late 1980s and early 1990s the Scandinavian countries underwent their most severe financial crisis of the post war period. Sweden succeeded in running out from this crisis and the lesson learned helped the Country in facing the world financial crisis of 2009. The Swedish model for bank resolution consists in a set of actions performed by policy makers. These actions can be grouped in the following key features: political unity, blanket guarantee of bank deposits and liabilities, swift policy action, an adequate legal framework, full information disclosure, policies to moralize banking system, macroeconomic policies influence. Although the Swedish model cannot be adopted to resolve the present global financial crisis that involves such many different countries, it can give useful guidelines.

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